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Hayley Williams ✌

Oh Hayley! 😱😍❤

Oh Hayley! 😱😍❤


Tupandactylus imperator

Fast Facts

When: It lived around 115 million years ago

Where: Near a freshwater lake in what is now Brazil

Wingspan: About 10 feet (3 m) 

Food: Fish

No other pterosaur had a bigger crest in relation to its body size than Tupandactylus imperator. Its spectacular crest swept from a bone on the front of its snout all the way over its head, and attached to a long rod jutting out from the back of its skull, like a sail. The extremely rare fossil specimen shows signs of the soft tissue between the bones of the crest—probably a substance similar to bird beaks.

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Spinosaurus was weirder than previously thought, according to new research

Stubby hind legs, a low, quadrupedal stance, and webbed feet for an aquatic life are among the features revealed by the discovery of new fossils of the dinosaur previously known from incomplete remains.

There’s been lots of media coverage about this story released today. National Geographic and the New York Times in particular have provided excellent content. Check them out to fill your head with juicy dinosaur knowledge.

There is also this cool video from the University of Chicago detailing the findings:

Mi segundo dinosaurio favorito :D


Dinosaurs, yeah!

Paul Sereno, UChicago’s devilishly handsome bad-boy of paleontology, shows how the bones of the Spinosaurus reveal it as one of the first semi-aquatic dinosaurs, as well as the troubled saga of locating the bones in the first place, and the cultural impact of returning the fossils to their origin in Morocco.

Check it out!