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Holuhraun volcano - Iceland by Sigmundur Andresson on Flickr.

September 7, 2014


11 breathtaking cities floating in the sky


How to make a dog birthday cake
Celebrate a special occasion in your dog’s life with a worthy treat: A homemade cake! Here are 2 recipes that are easy to make, healthy for your dog, and will add scrumptious joy to the festivities.


The open road by Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits on Flickr.



We actually have pictures that great of Mars, a planet about 225 million kilometers (140 million miles) away from us.
Image copyright: NASA

I’ve been staring at these images for a while now. I can’t believe that these we’re taken on a different planet. Think about that. Like, this is the wildest shit ever.

(vía sci-universe)